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Join NowSaveME batteries offer a green, affordable and high performance alternative to traditional, disposable alkaline batteries. Together with you -- our customers, partnering organizations, schools, and local businesses, we aim to help communities create a new and sustainable consumption pattern that will benefit all of us for generations to come. We invite you to participate in our market trial! To find out how, read on...


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Save Mother Earth by using a more affordable and powerful battery!

Green: SaveME batteries are formulated using a unique technology that allows us to "refuel" them many times over. When the batteries are no longer useable, they can be easily and economically recycled unlike disposable batteries which end up in landfills.
Affordable: The SaveME program provides you, our customer with batteries that are "full" of energy at a lower cost than disposable batteries. With SaveME you only pay for the energy inside the battery and not the battery casing.
Powerful: SaveME batteries dramatically outperform disposable batteries. They are great for all applications, but will last up to 4 times longer in "high-drain" uses such as digital cameras and remote control toys.

Buy ME full...

Purchase SaveME batteries at any of our full service kiosks, or order batteries on line by joining our subscription program HERE.

Use ME up...

Remove the power "Fresh" sticker on the bottom of the SaveME battery then replace your throw away batteries with higher performing, longer lasting, "refillable" SaveME batteries!

Exchange ME empty...

Doing the right thing for the environment has never been easier and more rewarding. When you have used up the energy in your SaveME batteries, simply take them to any full service Kiosk receive $1.00 credit for each battery.

If you are a member of our subscription program you can take your SaveME batteries to a "SwapBox" and exchange them for a new fully charged battery as often as you like at no cost.

SaveME money!

You CAN save money, have better batteries, AND be Eco-Friendly all at the same time. With SaveME batteries you pay only for the "energy" and not for throw away casings and packaging.

  • Did you know that over 5 billion consumer batteries are sold in the United States every year?

  • Did you know that California law prohibits consumers from discarding disposable batteries in the trash?

  • Did you know that a chain made of AA/AAA batteries thrown away in a year would circle the earth 9 times?

  • Did you know that if you placed all the AA/AAA batteries used in one year end to end you would reach the moon?

  • Did you know that by stacking the plastic AA/AAA packaging sold in one year you could build a tower as high as 50,000 Empire State Buildings?

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